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The identity of a child killed in Valley Springs, California has been released by the Calaveras County Sherriff's Office. The victim, 8-year old Leila Fowler, was attacked in her home where she was staying with her 12-year old brother while their parents were attending a community event. Police are still searching for a suspect and plan to increase patrols at local schools and bus stops.

Cal Fire is fighting a house fire in Jenny Lind. Reports of explosions being heard shortly before the fire are still unconfirmed. No one was believed to be in the two-story home at the time of the blaze. Flames did spread to nearby vegetation but were contained before they could pose a threat to other homes in the area.

Police in Calaveras County, California, are questioning known sex offenders and parolees in the area regarding the stabbing death of 8-year old Leila Fowler. Officials have said they are not calling the homicide a sex crime, but are questioning the aforementioned persons as part of due diligence. A neighbor and the victim's brother both reported seeing a similar man fleeing the scene.


The Calaveras County sheriffs office is requesting a DNA sample from a kidnapping suspect in the hopes that they will be able to find the killer of Leila Fowler. 42 year old Jason Wayrynen was arrested after he allegedly tried to kidnap a 1 year old child from it's home in Placerville. The suspect was last known to live in Camino.

Officers are continuing to track a crime scene and have kept more security available after the death of a young student occurred in Valley Springs. Officers have been told to make the DNA from a crime scene a priority, and to speed up the processing of the DNA. Both fingerprints and DNA were recovered at the crime scene.

Unfortunately over the weekend an eight year old named Leila Fowler was murdered in Valley Springs, California, and a candle vigil is being held for her memory. As of right now the authorities are still looking for the person who murdered her, and the police do not have any leads or suspects at this time.

A crime scene in California is still being carefully looked at, as it involves the mruder of a nine-year old boy. The death occurred on Rippon Road in Valley Springs, California and police officers are continuing to release details are they get them to the public. The suspect is described as a Hispanic male approaching six feet tall.

The Calaveras County Sheriff's office is searching for a suspect in the murder of a nine-year old child. The suspect is male, white or Hispanic, approximately 6 feet tall with a muscular build, and longer gray hair. Residents are being advised to keep doors locked. The man is believed to be dangerous and anyone spotting this person is advised to call 9-1-1.

Newsome-Harlow, makers of delicious wines have once again thrown their support behind the arts and is sponsoring a night out at the Murphys Creek Theatre on April 26th. Patrons begin with a buffet inner paired with NH wines, then go into the theatre to enjoy a comedy show that includes coffee, wine and dessert during intermission. It should be a fun night for anyone who enjoys great wine and comedy.

Auto repair business is for sale in the Valley Springs area. This 21 year old business has 500 customers in its database, and the owner is selling the entire operation with or without the building lease. The shop has support his family well for decades and in can support yours now that he is retiring.

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Black-n-blue cheesecake: Black-n-blue cheesecake

Tiffany's Burger Creation

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Feb 1st the Niners Played a game of Low Net


1st Flight Winners, Sharon Moyles followed by Marge Harmon


2nd Flight Winners, Mabel McNabb followed by Barbara Whitmire


Closest to the Pin on #8 was Mary Martin 5'3" 


Looking for the perfect date for you fundraising tournament or just a special outing with friends?  La Contenta Golf Club is now taking reservations for 2012.  There are still good dates available for the 2011 also.  Send a request to La Contenta's Professionals to check out availablility.

Marty’s Answer - Just like clubs many manufacturers produce balls and each have multiple lines of balls to choose from.  

By far and away the Titleist Pro V has led the industry is sales for years.  It is the most popular ball with amateurs and professionals alike.  It is also one of the most expensive balls on the market.  

I always recommend finding a ball that a player likes that balances value and performance.

Depending on your line of work it can be greatly beneficial.  Networking and the relationships built during a round of golf can last a lifetime.  During a round of golf a person’s character is brought to the surface and much can be learned about a person.  Golf can be good or bad for you depending on your disposition.

Go to the PGA website:  Click on become a PGA Professional and all details of the apprenticeship program are available for review.

Start with the club your are hosting your event at.  They will usually supply a gift certificate for future golf.  Next think about your demographic of player in your event and solicit prizes from local businesses that would like to be exposed to your players in hopes of earning future business from their donation.  A sponsorship has to be mutually beneficial.  Don’t forget your players and any businesses they may have that they would like to promote.

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