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This is not necessarily news but I thought it might be good for a laugh. Here's a few but I'm sure there are far more CA silly laws out there. I can think of a few off the top of my head. But it's really best that I don't mention them.

Know of any silly Laws in our wonderful state. Or our County. Chime in and let us know in the comments below

Over the last few months there have a been a very alarming number of pet poisonings in the Rancho Calaveras area.

We don't have numbers but from statements from residents the numbers are high and these malicious acts are still being perpetrated.

We've put together a map to track these poisonings. Hopefully it will help in some way.

If you know of a poisoning whether confirmed or unconfirmed please fill out this form

Your listing will be reviewed and added to the map.

The map is located here

Well these would be mastermind alleged criminals may have figured out how to make it one.

I think everyone gets a kick out of dumb things criminals do (aside from being criminals) and a local crime just may make the books.

As the story goes the local smoke shop was broken into. Upon planning their escape these guys evidently spotted a cop car parked outside the front door. Deciding that was not a good route to leave by the burrowed through the wall. Unfortunately for them their new escape route took them through the post office.

Uh oh, I think that may be federal!

I've been going to Dr. Bloom for a long time and he's always been a fantastic chiropractor. I feel great after leaving his office and he seems to get everything in to place very skillfully.

But this weekend he went way beyond.

We at had flown our grandmaster out for a series of seminars. We had black belts who flew in from all o0ver the country to attend the summit. On Friday we held a training session for upper rank black belts in Sacramento and had another planned for Valley Springs the next day.

Just saw this posted on facebook. Not sure who's organizing it but there's a recall spellman rally.
Find it on facebook

Also might want to take the poll

I just heard that there is a vegetable stand just up the hill from San Andreas that is outstanding. It's run by the Mennonite Church.

I just received some green beens and cucumbers and they are delicious. I'm guessing they are organic too!

Probably no website or facebook page but easy to find. Check them out and tell us what you think

Seven LegendsThere are so many unexplored and often overlooked places in our area. Amazing gems hidden away.

Not long ago I was given an amazing tour of Seven Legends Ranches. Seven legends is a huge luxury subdivision that sits right on Lake Don Pedro. It is one of two places in the country that you can purchase lake acreage on a major lake.

What does Bret Harte High School, Turkey, and China have in common?

Internet based information censorship!

Now this is totally unsubstantiated. I'm not a reporter and I haven't taken any time to ask for comments or information from the school. But I was told last night by a parent that Bret Harte has banned the use of Google.

I googled it and it doesn't look like it's been picked up by any of the newspapers.

To me this sounds like something interesting that should come up publicly. Anyone know anything about this? Anyone want to take the time to check it out and report back?

Want an easy and inexpensive way to promote your business? Do it throught the historic dozen contest.

The Historic Dozen Contest is a Promotion sponsored by the Society for the Preservation of West Calaveras History (SPWCH), The Site Mechanics , And .

Recently we've been hounded by a pretty aggressive salesman pushing display ads and search engine/ social media marketing. Normally Liz fields these things but he happened to catch me as I came in the door.
An FYI, I've been studying search engine marketing since Alta Vista was king. It not only intrigues me but I have a number of businesses that 100% of their marketing is based upon web marketing. I have rankings in very highly competitive search phrases that are extremely difficult to get. This is not meant to brag but it is to say that when it comes to SEO I'm pretty hard to trick.

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Map of pet poisonings in Valley Springs California

Javascript is required to view this map.

Valley Springs Business News

Black-n-blue cheesecake: Black-n-blue cheesecake

Tiffany's Burger Creation

Come have a burger!

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Feb 1st the Niners Played a game of Low Net


1st Flight Winners, Sharon Moyles followed by Marge Harmon


2nd Flight Winners, Mabel McNabb followed by Barbara Whitmire


Closest to the Pin on #8 was Mary Martin 5'3" 


Looking for the perfect date for you fundraising tournament or just a special outing with friends?  La Contenta Golf Club is now taking reservations for 2012.  There are still good dates available for the 2011 also.  Send a request to La Contenta's Professionals to check out availablility.

Marty’s Answer - Just like clubs many manufacturers produce balls and each have multiple lines of balls to choose from.  

By far and away the Titleist Pro V has led the industry is sales for years.  It is the most popular ball with amateurs and professionals alike.  It is also one of the most expensive balls on the market.  

I always recommend finding a ball that a player likes that balances value and performance.

Depending on your line of work it can be greatly beneficial.  Networking and the relationships built during a round of golf can last a lifetime.  During a round of golf a person’s character is brought to the surface and much can be learned about a person.  Golf can be good or bad for you depending on your disposition.

Go to the PGA website:  Click on become a PGA Professional and all details of the apprenticeship program are available for review.

Start with the club your are hosting your event at.  They will usually supply a gift certificate for future golf.  Next think about your demographic of player in your event and solicit prizes from local businesses that would like to be exposed to your players in hopes of earning future business from their donation.  A sponsorship has to be mutually beneficial.  Don’t forget your players and any businesses they may have that they would like to promote.

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