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Reprinted courtesy of Valley Springs News By Nick Baptista Citizens residing within the Foothill Fire Protection District have launched a recall drive against four of five members on the district's Board of Directors. As of Tuesday morning, a notice of intention to circulate a recall petition had been presented to three of the four board members targeted for recall. The board members facing recall are Board Chairman Gary West, Directors Ed Anderson, Ken Glissman and Steven Sugar. All but Sugar had been served the notice. All four earlier this month without any stated reason voted to dismiss Assistant Chief Drew Utterback and demoted Fire Chief Jeff Palm to the assistant chief position. West had no comment about the recall effort, while Glissman said he considered it "an act of animosity toward the board for the personnel and disciplinary actions we had to take." Glissman said he was disappointed by the recall effort. "Difficult and painful decisions had to be made to move forward," Glissman said. He characterized the board as a good board and hoped that following the recent personnel decisions the board would have been allowed to move forward in a positive direction instead of a negative one. Steffan Sommers, the lone director who did not vote for Utterback's dismissal or Palm's demotion is not a subject of the recall movement. In addition, nine citizens have submitted a letter to the board asking for copies of accounting of all Foothill Fire Department funds received and paid, copies of the records and all business transactions, statements and bank statements received paid and owed. "We want to see records of how much any of the board members have been paid or reimbursed, what accounts the money came from, names that are on the accounts, and who is handling the funds for the Foothill Fire department." The request was sent by Nancy Pisarz, Vinnie Cammisa, Linda Scaparro, Gina Rawlins, Lisa Scaparro, Brian Gross, Donna Brown, Jessica Norris and Bell Onesavanh.

Movement to recall foothill fire board of directors

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    Thank you!

    We would like to bring to the public’s attention that John (manager of Marvel’s) and Marvel’s employees were tremendously kind to allow us to use their storefront in supporting the Volunteer Fire Fighters. We want to thank them for supporting our cause to correct the behavior and misconduct of the board members of the Foothill Fire Department.
    Our gratitude also goes out to the many people who worked diligently for their countless hours spent collecting signatures for this cause, without asking for a single thing in return, just as our Foothill firefighters do 24/7.

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    Did you know that board members are not finger printed,not back ground checked and some of them don't want to tell anything about themselves?
    Did you know that board members can use your tax dollars for attorneys fee's,and what is the limit?
    Did you know that Foothill Fire Board uses personal P.o. box addresses on Fire Departments documents and financial statements?
    Did you know we have home onwers in our district that pay taxes and are not allowed to vote what happened to their rights?

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    Time is running out!!!!!

    Only 10 day left to sign the re call! Our last day to collect signatures will be on
    11-20-06. We don't want to leave anyone out that wants to support this re call. This re call is for the safety of the public. We will be in front of Mar-val collecting signatures. If you live in the Foothill Fire district and are a registered voter we appreciate your support to remove the Fire board.All we need from you is signatures so we can let the public decide who should be on the board.
    Thank you for your support!

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    Do you believe West, Anderson, and Glissman should be recalled?

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    Total votes: 7

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