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Jeff Davidson's Letter

19 May 2006
Posted by Terri Bailey

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Jeff Davidson’s letter to the Editor explains wonderful things that
Victoria Erickson has done for his community. He left out several items
Victoria is responsible for, which I would like to add.
Victoria has voted to give herself substantial pay increases along with a
$350 per month vehicle mileage “reimbursement”, which does not require
any travel in order to receive the cash.
Victoria gave $75,000 to improve a school in Angles Camp, while allocating
none of the $200,000 - plus toward improvements in Rancho.
Victoria has set a new low for the return of phone calls and emails to her
constituents; unless you are a builder or developer who has contributed
toward her election.
Victoria has done nothing to support or help the local volunteer fire
departments. Not even showing up for meetings when requested.
Victoria voted to eliminate the night meetings of the Board of
Supervisors; this was after she promised me that she would not do so.
Victoria has delayed the completion of the Copper Community Plan, and is
now using it for political gain.
Victoria has done little if anything to improve conditions on highway 26. She has missed a large percentage of important meetings of the COG board,
of which she is a member.
Victoria has attempted to raid the Rancho Calaveras CSA #1 road fund
intending to spend the funds for the benefit of her friends.
Victoria negotiated an agreement with Developers of Oak Canyon Ranch which
provided them with a savings of more than 3 million dollars in road funds.
Victoria has ignored the County’s General Plan, allowing projects to go
forward without proper zoning, sometimes without necessary approvals.
Victoria has agreed to “revisit” Road Impact Mitigation fees in order
to reduce builder fees and to completely eliminate the fee for commercial
I can see why Mr. Davidson thinks Victoria deserves a second chance. He
has a lot to gain by her re-election. I urge all district five voters to
vote for ANYONE other than Victoria.

Terri Bailey
Former District Five Supervisor, Calaveras County
Stockton, Ca
(209) 952-0573

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Comment by Betsy

There was a comment to this article posted by Betsy but unfortunately it didn't get put in the right place. Here is the link to itBetsy's comment     "If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it." --Albert Einstein

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Proof for Betsy

Two agenda dates and item numbers indicating Victoria’s vote on increasing her wages are as follows:o       April 21, 2003, item number 5.o       September 26, 2005, item number 25.  If interested you can look up the agenda dated October 15, 2002, item number 11 to see that I voted against the raise which Betsy Duncan alludes to.  The statements about the Community Plan have been addressed by Russ Thomas.  I would only state that in addition to being factually incorrect, her timeline just does not add up.  The community Plan was started in 2000, I left office January 2003.  I believe that is less than 3 years, not 7.  The Development Agreement for Oak Canyon Ranch can be found on the County’s Website.  If you look at page 10 of the agreement you will see the reduced road fees negotiated by Victoria Erickson.  By the way, Betsy’s letter refers to me as Terry not Terri; please ask Victoria’s high priced political consultants “Spinovations” to get my name right.  Additionally, I would suggest that the next time you feel the need to carry someone else’s water; you should make sure the bucket does not have a hole in it.  Terri BaileyFormer Fifth District Supervisor

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Copperopolis Community Plan

Betsy Duncan has submitted the following regarding the Copperopolis Community Plan: "Terry Bailey allowed the plan to remain stagnant the first three years of her term until 1998 when she finally took the reigns.  Ms. Bailey had 7 full years to bring the plan to fruition and failed to do so.  Supervisor Erickson did it in 3 years with almost no cooperative effort from Russ Thomas the Chairperson." Terri Bailey has responded to this and Russ Thomas has as well, but I am still having trouble understanding something. Betsy evidently feels that Supervisor Erickson's having brought the plan to fruition (no matter how many years it took, or how much help she did or didn't get) should be considered to be one of her accomplishments. If that is the case, why has Supervisor Erickson been so consistantly critical of the plan? It seems to me that if she was responsible for it to the degree that Betsy claims that she would do everything possible to promote it in an election year, but Supervisor Erickson doesn't even mention the plan on her website. I have read articles where she is in fact somewhat negative in her comments about the plan. Perhaps Betsy or even Supervisor Erickson could shed some light on this, because it just doesn't add up to me.

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for outsider

Outsider:In response to your question regarding Victoria and the Community Plan.  I was addressing the fact that Victoria has been harshley criticized by Ms. Bailey and Russ Thomas for "delaying" the community plan.  Records (the community plan document itself) show that the plan languished under both Thomas and Bailey at least 4 years prior to Victoria Erickson ever taking office.  Who will take responsibility for that delay?In 2005 when community members approached Supervisor Erickson because the plan very suddenly changed directions, she approached the plan group and was quickly dismissed.  Violations of the Brown Act resulted in meetings that the public, Victoria and even some plan group members were excluded from.  Documents were withheld from the public until County Counsel intervened.  Allegations of conflict of interest were also brought to the surface.  Once this was brought to Supervisor Erickson's attention she moved quickly and wrote a letter to the Board regarding her concerns.  When it became clear that the plan group would not review or revise their plan with Supervisor Erickson, she was forced to take the plan to the board to compel them to take appropriate action.  The last 6 months of the plan seemed to capitulate to developers and large ranch owners.  I have never heard Victoria boast about the community plan, but she did get it to the board, where they unanimously agreed that the plan needed revision and review.  County Counsel and the Planning Director agreed.  Had they group stayed on task and presented the plan 6 months earlier without the drastic density changes, we would not be having this battle.   Hope this helps. 

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Terri I miss you

Teri was a excellent supervisor and I hope Russ pays attention when he is elected and follows in her footsteps.Terri brought many things and lots of support with the local fire department . I know that if Terri was the supervisor today Gary West and Ed Anderson would not get away with breaking all these brown act violations. In fact not one supervisor has even offered to help when Foothill fire fired their most active volunteer for standing up to them. Not one supervisor has even attended one Foothill's meetings since Terri Left. I miss you Terri and so does Drew ,,, Thanks for all of your support when you were our supervisor. Vote Russ Thompson

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